Welcome to Burnt River School District

Burnt River is a public charter school that provides instruction both locally and online. Our local students are provided a rigorous curriculum that allows for independent and cooperative learning with local students and online students alike. Although our online high school uses the same rigorous curriculum, it does so with new and emerging distance learning technologies to provide personalized instruction. 

Burnt River Online High School will be able to meet the needs of an assortment of 21st century students by providing them with personal individualized instruction that focuses on skills such as self-directed learning skills, innovative technology literacy, time management and personal responsibility. Unique to Burnt River Online High School is that students will be able to get face to face contact and “seat time” with our highly qualified instructors through a variety of emerging technologies.

So why choose Burnt River?

We are:

  • A free, public, accredited school.
  • Available online or locally.
  • Located in an extremely beautiful valley surrounded by ranches, mountains, trees, rivers, and lakes. 
  • A group of highly qualified, caring, supportive teachers.
  • Small but in a good way.  We have small class sizes and an awesome supportive, school family.
  • Able to support students on an individualized basis!  We will see you, help you, and listen to you in every way possible to ensure that you are successful in school.
  • Able to use new and innovative technologies to enhance the communication and learning process.
  • Able to allow you to experience school from anywhere: from home or wherever an internet connection exists.
  • Able to provide one – on – one instruction!
  •  Are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that you reach your potential.
  • Accountable - Oregon Report Card
  • We provide special services for disadvantaged learners - Title I Services (PDF)

We are not:

  • A large corporation.
  • A boxed program.
  • Willing to let you slip through the cracks.

All of these elements make Burnt River High School an obvious choice for a high school education.

Watch a short video about us.